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Integration Builds

E4 Integration Builds
Date Time Frequency
Thursdays 19:30 EST Weekly

e4 Downloads Page

Submitting For the Build

Teams should use the "Eclipse Releng Tools" to update their releng project for each build. The releng tools can be installed from the update sites already included in 3.5.

Tags: tags should be of the form v<date>, so v20081120 or v20081120-1300

Versioning Plugins: Teams should try and follow the standard versioning rules posted at Version_Numbering. If you need to copy over an existing eclipse project to make changes, please increment the minor number by 100. i.e. 3.5.0 becomes 3.105.0. When you need to break API, then update the major number. i.e. 3.105.0 becomes 4.0.0

Checking in code: The checking comment should at a minimum include "bug #", and preferably be of the form "bug # summary"


The resources, ui, and swt teams now have plugins in their team area in the e4 project.


The resources structure is:

  • e4
    • org.eclipse.e4.resources
      • bundles
      • doc
      • examples
      • features
      • tests
    • releng
      • org.eclipse.e4.resources.releng



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