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==External Links==
==External Links==
  [http://oopsla.org/2005/ShowEvent.do?id=560 SDD in OOPSLA2005]
  [http://oopsla.org/2005/ShowEvent.do?id=560 SDD in OOPSLA2005]
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Project Lead: Iryoung Jeong

Mentor: Pascal Rapicault

Implementing SDD for eclipse environment. SDD is a algorithm for detecting duplicated parts which are not just identical, but also similar ones in large source code in reasonable time.


Without always paying attention to reviewing other people's codes, duplications can happen easily especially there're many developers such as opensource projects. But detecting duplications by people is very ineffective and previous algorithms to detect automatically are too slow for practical purpose or limited in its features. So implementing SDD can be a solution for the problem because SDD can find almost-duplicated (not exactly same) parts practically and eclipse has very good infrastructure for SDD UI.


  • The algorithm for detecting similar parts in large source.
  • No dependency on specific languages, Not exact parts, Fast

How it works

  • coming soon..;)
  • Using a Index, Inverted Index

Related Works

External Links



  • feel free to comment, ask