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= Boy Scout Rule =
If working on a page, keep it clean and organized.  There is always room for improvement but respect the pages not marked as Draft with extra care.  Check with a project before making significant changes to non-draft pages.
= Pages =
= Pages =

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Draft Content
This page is currently under construction. Community members are encouraged to maintain the page, and make sure the information is accurate.


Page Names

Wiki pages are typically of a upper camel case nature (SomePageName), however some tools can have problems with these names when converting them. At this time full page names (Some Page Name) are prefered, but not required.

If using standard wiki page names, make sure you put a full name equivalant when linking to it.

  [[SomePageName | Some Page Name]]

This should allow tools like Mylyn WikiText to generate the relevant links for the target platform.

Page Semantics

If converting to | DocBook format from the wiki, the following conventions should be followed:

This information based on information from Writing for DocBook Using the Wiki, from the Fedora Doc Project.

  • One Wiki Page = One Chapter/Article

When exporting using Mylyn WikiText, each page will become it's own DocBook XML file. The recommended usage is:

   * One book = one parent file that calls in all prefaces, chapters, and appendixes
   * One chapter = one file
   * One section = one <section> within a file
   * One article/tutorial = one file containing one or more sections 

To follow this example in the Wiki:

   * One book = one parent Wiki page that is a Table of Contents of all the chapter pages
   * One chapter = one Wiki page, with one or more sections
   * One section = one part of a Wiki page marked by the = = , == ==, etc. around the title
   * One article/tutorial = one Wiki page containing one or more sections.

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