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Distributed testing framework based on ECF RFC 119 D-OSGi

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Project Lead: Markus Alexander Kuppe (IRC: lemmy)

Mentor: Scott Lewis

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2009


The recent addition of remoting and discovery capabilities to OSGI R4.2 (RFC 119) enables us to easily set up a distributed system. Combined with the well known JUnit, a testing framework for distributed application can be build on top. This test fw can then be consumed by ECF directly (eat your own dogfood) to prove its usefulness.


Glass.gif Needs some investigation/research

Progress.gif Work in progress

Ok green.gif Bug fixed / Feature added


Here is a complete list of the milestones and release candidates planned for this plugin.

Milestone Date Planned items
M1 June 16 TBD
M2 June 28 TBD
M3 July 15 TBD
M4 July 26 TBD
M5 July 31 TBD
RC1 August 4 TBD
RC2 August 8 TBD
Pencils down August 11 -

Community Involvement

Getting the source

The code will be available from the regular ECF repo at dev.eclipse.org

Open issues


New ideas

Do you have a great idea for this project? Just open a new feature request.