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Different versions of TPTP from a build perspective

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The intent of this mini-doc is to record the changes necessary to introduce a new version of the platform/data collection component, at least as it affects the build at Intel. Given that a new version was to be introduced,, I chose this as the opportunity to record the things I had to do to handle that new version here so that those that follow can know what to do... and what might need to be automated in the future.

The three windows systems do their builds in the /home/build/TPTP/<version-number>/TPTP-<version-number>-<timestamp> subdirectory. This is not possible if there is not already a /home/build/TPTP/<version-number> subdirectory already in place, so creation of those subdirectories is necessary.

This is a good opportunity to explore /home/build/TPTP/* anyway to see if there are any outdated builds that could stand cleaning up. I usually keep the builds from the last month or so, and remove the rest.

It's a little more complicated on the Linux boxes. There, the builds are done in the /home/proj/tptp/builder/<arch>/TPTP/<version-number>/TPTP-<version-number>-<timestamp> subdirectory. As for windows, you'll need to create the /home/proj/tptp/builder/<arch>/TPTP/<version-number> subdirectories, where <arch> is ia32, em64t, and ipf. Most importantly, the build assumes that in this subdirectory will be found a "depends" symlink to much needed software (the appropriate Java). Make sure to replicate the "depends" symlinks found in the other version-number associated subdirectories.

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