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Development Resources/Project Summary Page

The Eclipse Project Summary page gives a lot of information about each project, based on lots of data sources at Eclipse. Some of these come from our internal database, some from the project meta-data in the Portal, and some from the Dash project’s dashboard.

Company Logos

Company logos sometimes appear in the committers pane, like this:

It’s not immediately apparent how those logos get there. So here’s what you need in order to get your company’s logo to show up in this pane:

Summary logos.png

  1. At least one committer has to be listed as an employee of the company in question
  2. The company needs to have their logo uploaded to the Portal (and needs to be a member of course)
  3. The committer must be active
  4. The committer must be on this project

If all of those conditions are met and the logo is still not showing up, then it’s possible that the project meta-data doesn’t have the correct version control paths specified–this affects whether the committer is considered active by the dashboard. Any committer on the project can manage the meta-data in the Portal to correct this situation. In fact, there is a handy link at the top of the summary page to open a bug with the project to fix it. All other questions should be directed to the EMO (emo@eclipse….).

This page is moderated by the EMO.

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