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Development Resources/Project Management

The new Project Management Infrastructure is currently in development.

Eclipse projects are required to maintain information about their projects. This information includes valuable attributes of the project such as a description, scope, various URLs, and more.


The new project management infrastructure is currently under development. A test instance is available for exploration and to solicit your feedback (please open bugs against Community/Project Management & Portal). The test instance has been bootstrapped with information from the existing systems.


Updates to the test instance will be rolled out weekly on Fridays throughout the development cycle.

Date Description
April 2/2012 Phase I functionality available for public testing. Includes initial implementation of project proposals, project metadata maintenance and dissemination including releases, and committer elections.
May 21/2012 Phase II functionality available for public testing. Includes user dashboard, email notification, and simultaneous release tracking.
July 2/2012 Go live for projects.

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