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== Project Provisioned ==
== Project Provisioned ==
<nowiki>Hi Folks,
<nowiki>Hi Folks,
We've provisioned your project. Please watch your email for information
We've provisioned your project. Please watch your email for information

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Disclaimer: These are the templated responses we use for email/bugs. This is work in progress.

Project Provisioned

Hi Folks,

We've provisioned your project. Please watch your email for information
and further instructions.


Let your new committers know that they won't be able to fill their
committer questionnaires and they have received their automated email 
titled "New Committer Request Form."

A "project information" page [1] has been created that you can use to share
information about the project with the community. As your committers are
provisioned, they will be able to edit the information on this page.

Next Steps for the Project

The next step for the project will be the initial code contribution. While 
you're waiting for provisioning, you can start working on 
the initial contribution.

Broadly speaking, the initial code contribution involves:
(this is a quick summary of [2])

- Updating the package namespaces to either org.eclipse.<project-name> or
org.locationtech.<project-name> depending on the projects forge location.

- Ensuring Eclipse copyright and license notices are present.

- All required notices are present.

- Ensure that no nesting of source files is present.

- Identify and remove all third-party party libraries from the source code.

Other items to be aware of with the initial code contribution:

- Code cannot be pushed to the project's source code repository until after
the IP team has approved the initial Contribution.

- The initial contribution must be the first commit in your
project repository. History must be collapsed into that single commit.

- Any third-party libraries required by your code will have to be checked and
approved by the IP Team.

- Project-licensed content and third-party-licensed content are not
reviewed together. Separate Contribution Questionnaires (CQ's) are required.

Important: Legal

Please familiarize yourself with the IP Due Diligence Process [3] and the
Parallel IP Process [4]. As an incubating project you can take advantage of
Parallel IP to get moving quicker with development.

Project Resources

Please have a look at the Development Resources wiki [5] and [6] the EDP process.

Your project mentors are an excellent resource if you need guidance. We urge 
you to make use of their expertise.

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions,



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