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This is a draft document; please confirm with EMO.

Test and build dependencies are those third-party libraries and tools that are considered non-distribution contributions. That is, these libraries are not actively distributed by the project via any generally-accessible property. These libraries and tools may, for example, persist on the build server which is accessible only to Eclipse committers; they may not, for example, persist on the download or archive servers, web server, or any source code repository.

Test and build dependencies may be grouped together in a single contribution questionnaire declared as a "works with" dependency based on the first definition in the Guidelines for the Review of Third-party Software:

The Eclipse software does not require the third party software to be present. If the third party software happens to be present, the Eclipse software may call or invoke it. Example: If a web browser is present, clicking on URL's in Eclipse will cause the user's configured web browser to open the URL.