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Development Resources/HOWTO/Review Process

  1. Schedule the review by sending email to
    • Reviews are scheduled to start on a Wednesday and end one week later (occurring over five generally-accepted business days)
  2. At least one week in advance of the review, you (project or proposal lead) sends the documentation to for posting.
    • The EMO posts the documentation via the website (through the wonders of database-driven web pages, the documentation is automatically linked from the review notice/the proposal).
    • Note that, for reviews that result in changes in the IP status of a project (Release, Graduation, and most Restructuring Reviews), you are required to submit your project's IP Log for review. EMO will not schedule your review until your IP Log has been approved by the EMO IP Team.
  3. The EMO announces the reviews:
  4. A review is declared complete when the review period has expired
    • The EMO will review discussion in the designated communication channel
    • The review is considered successful when it has been determined that issues raised by the community have adequately addressed.

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