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Development Resources/HOWTO/Review Process

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  1. Schedule the review by sending email to emo@eclipse.org
    • Reviews are scheduled at most twice a month, usually on Wednesdays, usually in the morning (USA)/afternoon (Europe)/night (Asia).
    • Reviews are grouped up to four at a time.
  2. At least one week in advance of the review, you (project or proposal lead) sends the docuware to emo@eclipse.org for posting.
    • The EMO posts the docuware via the website (through the wonders of database-driven web pages, the docuware is automatically linked from the review notice/the proposal).
  3. The EMO announces the reviews:
    • via the eclipse.org/projects what's new web page (as soon as the review is scheduled)
    • via the reviews and announcements RSS feed (as soon as the review is scheduled and again when the docuware is posted)
    • via email to the committers and membership-at-large mailing lists (at least one week in advance of the scheduled review conference call)
    • If the membership requests the review conference call, then it is held at the scheduled time.
      • The project/proposal lead(s) must attend the call.
      • For Creation and Graduation Reviews, the project's mentors must attend the call.
      • These calls tend to be short (15-20 minutes). The purpose of the call is for the team to answer any questions from the community that have not otherwise been answered by the written material and/or discussions in the newsgroup.

This page is moderated by Anne Jacko and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation)