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Development Resources/HOWTO/Graduation Reviews

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The purpose of the Graduation Review is to confirm that the Project is/has:
  • a working and demonstratable code base of sufficiently high quality
  • active and sufficiently diverse communities: adopters, developers, and users
  • operating fully in the open following the Principles and Purposes of Eclipse
  • a credit to Eclipse and is functioning well within the larger Eclipse community

(1) What are the Requirements?

RSee Development Resources/HOWTO/Criteria for Graduating from Incubation Phase to Mature Phase.

(2) Preparing the Docuware

See Development Resources/FAQs/About Docuware.

The docuware must cover the issues from above especially the formation and viability of the three communities. Most projects combine their Graduation Review with the Release Review of their 1.0 release, in which case the docuware must also cover the Release Review issues.

(3) The Review Process

Once the review content has been created, the operational side of a Gradation Review is described at Development Resources/HOWTO/Review Process.

(4) After a Successful Review

After a successful advisory vote and the approval of the Graduation Review by the EMO:

  1. the EMO will send email to the project developer mailing list with the approval<
  2. the project can remove the "incubation" labeling and logos from their website pages

If the Graduation Review was also a Release Review, see after successful review" notes those reviews.

This page is moderated by Anne Jacko and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation)

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