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The "docuware" for a Review has traditionally been a slide deck however there is no reason to use slides: a short report/document would work equally well if not better (reports are information dense relative to slides, and that's a good attribute).

In any case, the docuware must be/have:

  • Neutral File Format. The docuware must be published in an operating-system neutral file format. PPT and DOC files are not considered neutral. PDF is currently the best choice and thus we require docuware to be published in PDF. The EMO can convert Open Office and Microsoft Office to PDF if you are unable to do so.
  • Archival Quality. The docuware must be comprehensible and complete on its own without requiring explanation by a human presenter. Archival quality is required because the docuware will be available on the eclipse.org website in perpetuity; future Eclipse users, adopters, and even new project committers will consult it long after the review conference call has been completed.
  • Correct Copyright and License. The docuware is being written (and thus copyrighted) by you, not by the Eclipse Foundation, and thus the copyright statement needs to be by you (or your employer). Similarly, the content should be licenses under the EPL.
  • Usable for a Phone Conversation. Remembering that most conversations about the docuware will be done over voice, email, IM, or other electronic media - not in a face-to-face situation - the docuware must have page and/or paragraph numbers so that the two parties in conversation can easily refer to the same section or slide.

This page is moderated by Anne Jacko and Bjorn Freeman-Benson (Eclipse Foundation)