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Development Resources/Changing Leadership

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Project leadership is discussed in the "Leaders" section of the Eclipse Development Process.

Electing a new Project Lead

New Project Leads, or co-Leads must be elected by the project committers. Typically this done by calling for a vote using the project's main (dev) mailing list. As a general rule, the nomination should include some discussion of the individual's qualifications (a short paragraph will do). The vote should run for a minimum of five generally-accepted business days, or until all committers have voted. A vote that results in a minimum of three +1s, and no unresolved -1s is considered successful (for projects with fewer than three committers, unanimous consent will suffice).

The results of a successful vote should be brought to the attention of the EMO for approval by the EMO(ED). The change will be effected immediately upon approval by the EMO(ED).

Retiring Project Lead

A project lead may retire their position by sending their request to EMO.

Disruptive or Dysfunctional Project Leadership

In the event that a project's leaders or committers have become disruptive or dysfunctional, contact EMO.

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