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=Running Your Build=
=Running Your Build=
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You have three options for running your build:
You have three options for running your build:

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This page provides an overview of the build options available to Eclipse projects.

Running Your Build


fake oakley sunglasses You have three options for running your build:

  • Run it through our Hudson instance.
  • Run it directly on the Eclipse Foundation's Build Server using the command-line or cron job.
  • Run it on your own hardware.

Build Output

The output from your build should be hosted on an Eclipse Downloads server where it can be mirrored, monitored, and otherwise managed by the Webmaster.

Downloads should never be hosted directly on a project's website.

Build Technologies

Eclipse projects are free to choose a build technology that best suits their needs. Here are some options to consider (listed alphabetically):

Simultaneous Release

Projects can opt to participate in the Simultaneous Release (named Kepler in 2013).