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Development Resources/Automatic IP Log

The Foundation is working on [1] an automatic IP Log for each project with the goal of reducing the overhead on each project team. This page is currently a placeholder but will eventually contain the documentation about how the automatic IP Log is generated (by the system) and maintained (by the project team) and processed (by Eclipse Legal).


The Committers section of the IP Log uses two information sources to generate the two lists:

  1. The list of all committers who have committed code to any of the source repositories from the Commits Explorer. This is the basis of the "Past and Present" list. The commits explorer list is driven by the project meta data, specifically the "source repository" items.
  2. The list of all past and present committers from the Foundation's internal database of committers and projects. Committers here but not in in the "Past and Present" list are put on the "Never Active" list.

Correcting Errors

  • If a person (person X) is listed in the "Never Active" table but X was never a Committer on this project, then the team should notify the EMO that the Foundation database is in error.
  • If person X is listed in the "Never Active" table but should be in the "Past and Present" table, then the team should check their project meta data via the portal - there are probably directories missing from the "source repository" item.
  • If a ??? is listed in the "Past and Present" table, please notify the EMO that the Foundation database is in error, i.e., the commits explorer shows X to have written code but the Foundation database does not show that person as ever having been a committer.

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