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Development Resources

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MyFoundation Portal


The portal is a committer's interface to the Foundation's support of the project. The portal supports role specific actions such as new committer elections; changing your contact information (address, phone, email); (and soon) project meta-information and other project-centric processes.

Reporting Bugs

Eclipse uses Bugzilla as our bug tracking system. Bugzilla has a wide following within the open source community and directly supports the workflows associated with distributed development (e.g., email notification). You can sign up for your own Eclipse bugzilla ID and start contributing bug reports.

Getting Answers

Eclipse uses mailing lists for development coordination, design discussions, voting, announcements etc.

News Groups are open to the whole community, and are open to a broader range of questions than mailing lists.

Asking questions on the IRC channels can be a quick way to get your questions answered, if the right person is online.

Getting Code

Links to Nightly, Milestone and Maintenance builds, plus release notes, performance results, and other Platform goodies.

We use the Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) to support concurrent distributed development, and we use Eclipse as our CVS client because it supports CVS directly.. All Eclipse development is carried out in this repository. The server supports both "extssh" and "pserver" type CVS connections - "pserver" only works for anonymous access.

We also have several projects that use Subversion to support concurrent distributed development. The server supports ssh and plain svn connections.

Browsing Code

Look here for a web-based view into CVS (Eclipse, Tools, Technology, WebTools, TPTP, Modeling, etc.), with the ability to compare versions of files & annotate a file to show what was changed by version.

Committing Code

Look here for the coding standards, naming conventions, and other guidelines we use to help ensure eclipse presents to users and developers as a unified whole rather than as a loose collection of parts.

Eclipse committers can use this interface to change their password, to run some stats or to get general information about the infrastructure.

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