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Demo EclipseWorld Setup

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The followin section describes how to setup the Corona demo for Project context collaboration. The demo involves 3 seperate processes, 2 Eclipse Workbenches and 1 Collaboration Server.

Eclipse Workbench


  • org.eclipse.corona.common.collaboration
  • org.eclipse.corona.common.project
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.project
  • org.eclipse.corona.project.container.view
  • (? marcin: update with name of team list view)
  • org.eclipse.corona.project.container.view.event (? marcin: update with name of project event list view)
  • org.eclipse.corona.project.container.explorer
  • org.eclipse.corona.project.container.cache
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.collaboration.event
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.collaboration.ui
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.project.builder
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.project.event
  • org.eclipse.corona.client.project.ui
  • org.eclipse.corona.project.container (? glenn/edyta: updated with name of Project Container plug-in)

Collaboration Server

  • org.apache.commons.discovery_02 (see Joel Hawkins)
  • org.apache.jakarta_commons_logging (eclipse cvs /home/tptp module platform/org.apache.jakarta_commons_logging)
  • org.apache.jakarta_log4j_logging (eclipse cvs /home/tptp/platform module org.apache.jakarta_log4j_logging)
  • org.apache.xalan.XalanImpl (see Joel Hawkins)
  • org.apache.xerces.XercesImpl (see Joel Hawkins)
  • org.eclipse.corona.common.project (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/plugins/org.eclipse.corona.common.project)
  • (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/
  • org.eclipse.corona.core (see Joel Hawkins)
  • (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/
  • org.eclipse.corona.model.container (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/org.eclipse.corona.model.container)
  • org.eclipse.corona.model.container.project (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/org.eclipse.corona.model.container.project)
  • org.eclipse.corona.server.container.common (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/org.eclipse.corona.server.container.common)
  • org.eclipse.corona.server.container.project (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/org.eclipse.corona.server.container.project)
  • (eclipse cvs /home/technology module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/
  • org.eclipse.corona.server.test.container.project - for testing (eclipse cvs path /home/technology/ module org.eclipse.corona/incubator/org.eclipse.corona.server.test.container.project)
  • org.eclipse.equinox.ds (eclipse cvs path /cvsroot/eclipse module org.eclipse.equinox.ds)

CVS Server

The demo will utilize a CVS server to allow Eclipse Workbench projects to synchronize. Therefore, a CVS server must exist locally or be available someone on the network. Since the demo will initially be given at a conference, will all components running on the same laptop, a local CVS server is required.

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