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Unofficial Planning Document
This is an unofficial document used by the Debug community to help with the planning process. Items on this list aren't guaranteed to be found in a release.

Planned Items

The following items are being considered for 3.7, but have not been scheduled into a specific milestone

Glass.gif JDT should support java.endorsed.dirs (308953)

Glass.gif Breakpoint conditions should be remembered (20597)

Glass.gif Undo support for creating, modifying, deleting breakpoints (154784)

Glass.gif Support EE launch variables (319298)


Dates are listed in the Eclipse Platform Releng Calendar (view as iCal).

M1 - August 6

No Major Work Items

M2 - September 17

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.6.1 Fixes

Ok green.gif Create 3.7 Plan

Ok green.gif Support EE launch variables (319298)

Glass.gif JDT should support java.endorsed.dirs (308953)

M3 - October 29

M4 - December 10

M5 - January 28

M6 - March 11 (API Freeze)

Glass.gif Polish

Glass.gif Performance

Glass.gif Bug fixing

M7 - April 29 (Feature Freeze)

RC Builds

Glass.gif Update Copyrights

Glass.gif Check for Broken NLS

Glass.gif Doc Pass

Glass.gif Bug fixing