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(M4 - December 11th)
(M6 - March 12th (API Freeze))
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=== M6 - March 12th (API Freeze) ===
=== M6 - March 12th (API Freeze) ===
{{PlanItem|Detail panes/editors for Java breakpoints|290288|Investigate}}
{{PlanItem|Detail panes/editors for Java breakpoints|290288|InProgress}}
=== M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze) ===
=== M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze) ===

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M1 - August 7th

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.5.1 Fixes

M2 - September 18th

Ok green.gif Define execution environment for JavaSE-1.7 (288836)

Ok green.gif Support standard VM's on MacOS (156343)

Ok green.gif Enhanced API for debug commands and actions (284363)

M3 - October 30th

Ok green.gif Check box support in asynchronous viewer framework (286310)

Ok green.gif Split JDT/Debug platform tests into new platform test plug-in (289225)

Error.gif Headless infrastructure for launch configuration templates (41353)

Ok green.gif Improve text editing performance in launch tabs (287583)

Ok green.gif Headless launching for Ant & External tool builders (264338)

M4 - December 11th

Progress.gif Support pluggable detail pane and content in Breakpoints view (238956)

Ok green.gif API for custom JDWP commands and model state refresh (290285)

Error.gif User interface for launch configuration templates (41353)

M5 - January 29th

Glass.gif Debug view should show status summary (287191)

Glass.gif API and user interface for breakpoint handlers (290289)

M6 - March 12th (API Freeze)

Progress.gif Detail panes/editors for Java breakpoints (290288)

M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze)