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(M5 - January 29th)
(M6 - March 12th (API Freeze))
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=== M6 - March 12th (API Freeze) ===
=== M6 - March 12th (API Freeze) ===
{{PlanItem|Detail panes/editors for Java breakpoints|290288|Investigate}}
=== M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze) ===
=== M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze) ===

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M1 - August 7th

Ok green.gif Prepare 3.5.1 Fixes

M2 - September 18th

Ok green.gif Define execution environment for JavaSE-1.7 (288836)

Ok green.gif Support standard VM's on MacOS (156343)

Ok green.gif Enhanced API for debug commands and actions (284363)

M3 - October 30th

Ok green.gif Check box support in asynchronous viewer framework (286310)

Progress.gif Support pluggable detail pane and content in Breakpoints view (238956)

Progress.gif Split JDT/Debug platform tests into new platform test plug-in (289225)

Glass.gif Headless infrastructure for launch configuration templates (41353)

Glass.gif Improve text editing performance in launch tabs (287583)

M4 - December 11th

Glass.gif API for custom JDWP commands and model state refresh (290285)

Glass.gif User interface for launch configuration templates (41353)

M5 - January 29th

Glass.gif Debug view should show status summary (287191)

M6 - March 12th (API Freeze)

Glass.gif Detail panes/editors for Java breakpoints (290288)

M7 - April 30th (Feature Freeze)