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Dawn Release Plan


This pages gives an overview about the Dawn releases in cronological order.

Comming Releases

Dawn 2.0

Dawn 1.1

Current Release

Dawn 1.0

name description bugzilla
Provide collaborative EMF editors on CDO As for GMF editors it should be possible to to out the generated EMF editor on Dawn with just some simple clicks. This editor should follow the same principles as it's GMF counterpart concerning handling, color pattern and conflict/locking behavior. 323828
Provide integration for Ecore Tools The Ecore Tools provide a nice set of tools to create ecore models. Currently they are focused on file system persistence. To allow provide a better integration with CDO tools should be CDOified using Dawn. Bug 333187
Provide extension for Ecore Editor The tree-based Ecore editor shipped with EMF should be able to work on a CDO repository Bug 333291
Separated Dawn Codegen from specific implementations 344403

Older releases

Dawn 0.2

name description bugzilla
Develop collaborative support for GMF on CDO Dawn should be implemented to supports collaborative handling of GMF resources using a CDO repository. 308232

Dawn 0.1

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