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Dawn Feature Overview

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Common Features

  • Network independence (Offline Mode)
    • Using one of the latest CDO features (offline support) Dawn will allow modifying GMF diagrams without a connection to an online repository.
  • Authentication/Authorization (not yet implemented; see Bug 319485)
    • Providing a access rights on diagram level will allow you to save for data
    • Additionally the use of the diagram (show, modify, view) will be restrictable. Locking behaviour can also be influenced.
  • Locking (not yet re-implemented, see Bug 319486)
    • Dawn will support locking on different hierarchy levels in the GMF diagram
    • Locked objects marked with special visualisations
  • Conflict handling
    • Dawn provides detection and handling mechanisms for conflicts
    • It bases on the CDO conflict mechanisms and provide flexible and intuitive UI to handle conflicts
    • Conflicts are displayed inside the diagram editor. Conflicts that cannot be visualized inside the editor will be show in a special view (Dawn Conflict View; not yet re-implemented)
  • generate extension code
    • No change of existing code
    • A dynamic design and a flexible generator will make it possible to “collaboratize” existing GMF editors even if the source is
    • Existing editor do not need to modified
  • provide common color shema
    • colors can be defined for conflicts, local & remote locked objects [Bug t.b.d]
    • color shemas are defined on the base of semantic models, all extended editor follow the same color code
    • coloe shema cna be defined in the dawn genmodel

Integration with GMF editors

  • Dawn supports GMF editors Bug 308232
    • real-time shared editing for GMF editors
    • persitence in CDO Repositoy
    • conflict visualization und solving mechanisms
    • generator to create the extension with tow clicks

Integration with EMF editors

The inital integration for EMF editor will be covered in Bug 323828

Integration with Graphiti editors

  • One of the next features will be the integration of Graphiti based editor

Web integration

  • WebViewer/WebEditor (re-implementation started, see Bug 319487)
    • Dawn provides a web viewer to view changes in the diagram while they are processed in Eclipse
    • it also will support changing the diagram (adding/deleting/manipulating) in a browser
    • this mode allows editing GMF-diagrams on mobile device even if no Java platform is installed

Extended Tooling and Frameworks

  • The famous Ecore Editor has been extened to be used on Dawn Bug 323828
  • Ecore Tools Diagram editor will be extended to be used on Dawn Bug 333187

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