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Dawn Codegen

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Dawn CodeGen Tutorial

Before you start make sure that you have the following components installed:

  • EMF
  • CDO
  • Dawn
  • GMF


We will examine the Dawn Codegen by using the Acore example from the Dawn SDK. In the beginning we need to get all necessary model files. Open the Plug-ins View (Window-->Show View-->Others) as shown in the picture below.

Dawn openpluginsView.png

Now select the plug-in org.eclipse.emf.cdo.dawn.examples.acore and import it as soure plug-in

Dawn PluginsView2.png

Generate the EMF extension with Dawn

Generate the EMF plugins

Now we will generate the code as you would do it for a normal project. This means the model code, the edit plug-in and GMF diagram plug-in.


Generate GMF extension with Dawn

Generate the GMF plugins

Let's generate the GMF diagram plug-in.


Generate the fragment

In a final step now right click the Dawn genmodel and choose "Generate Dawn GMF Fragment" from the context menu.


Now a fragment will be created containing all the specific extensions for your diagram.


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