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[[Dawn_Feature_Overview|Feature Overview]]<br>
[[Dawn_Feature_Overview|Feature Overview]]<br>
[[Dawn_Feature_Plan|Dawn Relese Plan]] <sup><font size="-1" color="#FF8000"><b>new</b></font></sup><br>
[[Dawn_Release_Plan|Dawn Release Plan]] <sup><font size="-1" color="#FF8000"><b>new</b></font></sup><br>

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The Dawn project achieves to create collaborative network solutions for user interfaces basing on CDO. E.g. it provides collaborative access for GMF diagrams. Beside the real time shared editing Dawn provides conflict visualisation and handling and other useful feature for collaborative modeling. In addition to this, Dawn will also provide a Web-Viewer which allows to view every diagram change online.


Java Doc


Getting Started with Dawn
Getting Started with Dawn Web
Dawn Codegen
Extending Dawn


Feature Overview
Dawn Release Plan new

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