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(DTP 1.11 ("Kepler") Information)
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** [[DTP 1.11 New and Noteworthy]]
** [[DTP 1.11 New and Noteworthy]]
* [[DTP 1.11.1 Schedule and Ramp-down Policy]]
* [[DTP 1.11.1 Schedule and Ramp-down Policy]]
* [[DTP 1.11.2 Schedule and Ramp-down Policy]]
==DTP 1.10 ("Juno") Information==
==DTP 1.10 ("Juno") Information==

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Descriptions and minutes for regular, occasional, and single-time DTP meetings. Open community calls contain dial-in information along with the meeting description, otherwise, an email contact is provided.

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[edit] DTP 1.11 ("Kepler") Information

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