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Data Tools Platform:Release Engineering

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This information is preliminary. While this system is available within CVS, it is not currently used to generate the DTP builds.

This page details the build system utilised by DTP.


This system was derived from the system used by WTP and STP (and probably others). The system performs the following tasks:

  • Component builds
    builds plugins and features
    generates install ZIP
    generates update site JARs
  • Component testing
    executes unit tests
    generates results files
  • Update site generation
    generates html for download site
    incorporates build settings
    incorporates build results (e.g. warnings/errors)
    incorporates test results
  • Download site generation
  • Uploading build information
    publishes generated files to DTP web site


The build system is designed to organize its products as follows:


The system is composed of two projects within CVS:

  • org.eclipse.datatools.releng
  • org.eclipse.datatools.releng.builder