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Dash Project/Commits Explorer


The Commits Explorer is a set of webpages and web APIs for querying committer, commit, company, and user data.

Read about the commits explorer on our blog, or try it yourself.

The source is available too, if you want to learn more about the web APIs.

Known Problems

Here we are collecting information about incorrect or mis-classified commits reported by the explorer.

  • Some user names were changed when OTI joined IBM. Commits by the old login should be classified under the new. These old logins are categorized as "unknown".
  • People who have changed companies are being reported as having worked for their current company for all of history rather than as having worked for company A until 2005 and then company B.
  • People categorized under "individual" may be associated with a company, just not an Eclipse member company that has signed a Member Committer Agreement.
  • has a LIMIT 1000 restriction on it for performance reasons. See bug 210492.
  • Commits to the website content (/cvsroot/org.eclipse) are mis-categorized as Phoenix project commits. These should be split into "web commits" and "code commits" so that website content != phoenix project. See bug 210038.

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