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Dash Project/Commits Explorer

Read about the commits explorer on our blog .

Here we are collecting information about incorrect or mis-classified commits reported by the explorer.

  • Some user names were changed when OTI joined IBM. Commits by the old login should be classified under the new. These old logins are categorized as "unknown".
  • People who have changed companies are being reported as having worked for their current company for all of history rather than as having worked for company A until 2005 and then company B.
  • People categorized under "individual" may be associated with a company, just not an Eclipse member company that has signed a Member Committer Agreement.
  • Commits to the website content (/cvsroot/org.eclipse) are mis-categorized as Phoenix project commits. These should be split into "web commits" and "code commits" so that website content != phoenix project. See bug 210038.

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