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Dash Project

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Project Dash is a place where the community itself can collaborate on tools for community awareness and collaboration in support of our ultimate objective of committer quality and cooperation. The Commits Explorer and the Foundation Portal are the two current major efforts of Project Dash. We would expect that common build infrastructure and tooling will eventually be added. (See also the project info page.)

Themes and Plan

See our project plan.


We add items to our project plan as follows:

  1. Everything has a bug. New features are enhancements, bugs are bugs.
  2. Bugs that correspond to a theme are given [xxx] titles. If you can't find a good theme for a bug, perhaps that means either (a) we shouldn't be working on it and (b) we should have another theme.
  3. Bugs are allocated to monthly milestones using target dates.

When implementing/fixing a major feature that should be added to the New & Noteworthy, please follow the process outlined in bug 229522.

We do a major milestone at the end of each month.

  1. We continually roll code to production, so we don't need a special roll out.
  2. Update the themes and priorities in the plan (/cvsroot/technology/org.eclipse.dash/project-info/plan.xml). Add new themes, remove old themes, etc. It is important to have new, fresh themes and not just say that we are always working "Great Stuff".
  3. Commit to bugs for the next three months. Use target milestones of "April2008", etc. This may involve creating new target milestones.
  4. Update plan.xml with the new milestones. Remove the completed milestone.
  5. Update plan.xml with new bugzilla queries. The "Other" query includes target milestones so when a new target milestone is added, that query needs to be updated. If the themes have existed for too long and there are too many older milestone bugs showing up, the bugzilla queries will need to be modified with a date or ??
  6. Publish the N&N
    1. Modify the $afterdate in the Dash website/new-and-noteworthy/compute-n-and-n.php page to the start date of this milestone.
    2. Using a browser, fetch the web page from your local dev machine. Note 1: this page does not work on the www servers because the servers do not allow url fetching; you must download the website to a local dev machine and use the page there. Note 2: this page does a lot of queries to bugzilla, so it should be used manually and not never linked from anywhere that a web spider might find. Fortunately the issue in note 1 helps reduce the issue in note 2.
    3. File > Save Page As... > Web page, complete > save to the dash/new-and-noteworthy/ directory named as Mx, where Mx is the milestone being completed. This should create Mx.html and Mx_files for the cached images.
    4. Refresh (to pick up the new files) and then Commit.


Project Dash is the open source team and Dash-prime is the closed source team. Dash-prime implements server-side tools for the Eclipse Foundation on behalf of the larger Eclipse community, but for privacy and security reasons, the Dash-prime tools are not open source. However, the same Dash project team works on both the open and closed sides and thus these project pages and plans cover both efforts.

Note that even through the Dash-prime source is closed, the project planning and tracking and progress is all open: we plan and discuss and argue and file bugs for everyone to see and participate in.


Current Dash Efforts

  • Commits Explorer - Who, What, Where & When of Eclipse Project Commit Stats
  • Foundation Portal - The Member/Committer Interface with the Foundation
  • Ganymatic - Building a Better Coordinated Release Train

Not Yet Scheduled

Features and bugs that are not yet scheduled into a milestone.

Past Dash Efforts

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