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*[[Eclipse Monkey Overview|Eclipse Monkey Overview]]
*[[Eclipse Monkey Overview|Eclipse Monkey Overview]]
*[ Eclipse Monkey Installation]
*[ Eclipse Monkey Installation]
==Project Planning==
*[[Dash Ramp-Down Policy]]
*[[Eclipse Monkey 1.0 Project Plan]]
[[Category:Dash Project]]
[[Category:Dash Project]]
[[Category:Eclipse Monkey Project]]
[[Category:Eclipse Technology Project]]
[[Category:Eclipse Technology Project]]

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Project Dash is a place where the community itself can collaborate on tools for community awareness and collaboration in support of our ultimate objective of committer quality and cooperation. The Commits Explorer and the Foundation Portal are the two current major efforts of Project Dash. We would expect that common build infrastructure and tooling will eventually be added. (See also the project info page.)

Themes and Efforts


We currently have two major themes:

  • Clean the Graffiti - reduce the backlog of small bugs against the Dash and Dash-prime tools. The goal is to have committers feel happy about the portal (it's doing what they want) and to believe that the portal team is responsive to their requests (it's going in the right direction). We want the Dash tools to be a benefit of Eclipse committership and not a burden.
  • Manage Committers - provide teams and team leaders tools to manage their committer populations: adding new committers, removing inactive committers, managing file permissions, etc.

Current Dash Efforts

Past Dash Efforts


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