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=Dash/Eclipse Monkey Project=
=Dash/Eclipse Monkey Project=
[[Image:eclipsemonkeylogo.JPG|right|thumb|128px|Eclipse Monkey Logo]]
[[Image:eclipsemonkeylogo.JPG|right|thumb|128px|Eclipse Monkey Logo]]

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Dash/Eclipse Monkey Project

Eclipse Monkey Logo

Project Dash is a place where the community itself can collaborate on tools for community awareness and collaboration in support of our ultimate objective of committer quality and cooperation. Eclipse Monkey is the first of these tools. Eclipse Monkey is a dynamic scripting tool for the automation of routine programming tasks. Monkey scripts are small scripts written in any number of scripting languages (JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy, etc.) using either the Eclipse APIs or custom Monkey DOMs.

Dash Team Meetings

Mailing Lists

dash-dev@eclipse.org is the main mailing list for Dash/Eclipse Monkey development.

Current Projects