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*[[Dali 3.2 | Dali 3.2]]
*[[Dali 3.2 | Dali 3.2]]
*[[Dali 3.3 | Dali 3.3]]
*[[Dali 3.3 | Dali 3.3]]
*[[Dali 3.4 | Dali 3.4]]
== Automated Functional Testing  ==
== Automated Functional Testing  ==

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Dali Project

The Dali QA Testing page provides testing information on new and old Dali functionality. This will include a Testing Strategy, Manual Functional Testing and Automated Regression Testing.

[edit] Testing Strategy

[edit] Manual Functional Testing

The manual functional testing is broken up into milestones

[edit] Automated Functional Testing

The automated functional testing is a suite of functional regression tests using HP QTP tool for testing UI. There are some pre-requistes that need to take place prior to running the automated test suite.