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*[[Dali 3.0 | Dali 3.0]]
*[[Dali 3.0 | Dali 3.0]]
*[[Dali 3.1 | Dali 3.1]]
*[[Dali 3.1 | Dali 3.1]]
*[[Dali 3.2 | Dali 3.2]]
== Automated Functional Testing  ==
== Automated Functional Testing  ==

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Dali Project

The Dali QA Testing page provides testing information on new and old Dali functionality. This will include a Testing Strategy, Manual Functional Testing and Automated Regression Testing.

Testing Strategy

Manual Functional Testing

The manual functional testing is broken up into milestones

Automated Functional Testing

The automated functional testing is a suite of functional regression tests using HP QTP tool for testing UI. There are some pre-requistes that need to take place prior to running the automated test suite.