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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/July 07 2011

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Dali Weekly Meeting


  • Neil, Nan, Karen, Shaun, Paul, Tran


New Topics

    • May make sense to implement both directions of conversion at the same time
    • Should consider moving specific metadata such as "globals" (queries, generators)
    • Investigate the possibility of using Refactoring to perform conversion
      • Perhaps this would be used for specific areas such as moving globals, but not for large bulk moves
    • May want to start with bulk moves, or entity level, and then go smaller from there
    • Binary migration would be useful, but this is probably a secondary concern to the non-binary cases
    • Should have option to leave JPA metadata in place when converting to XML
    • Conversion should be limited to one project at a time
    • Merging is probably the default case for migration, and the easiest case to implement
    • Possible merging cases indclude:
  1. Merge JPA metadata into XML Mapping File
  2. Move JPA metadata and overwrite away XML metadata
  3. JPA metadata overwrites conflicting XML metadata but preserves metadata that is not in conflict
  • Need for early patch release? Possibly...continue to investigate
    • Out of date EL schemas
    • Maven support
    • Common Navigator 'appearsBefore' issue
  • Need to find out what M2E-WTP release may support Dali to determine whether we need an early patch.

Old Topics

  • We should include code templates for boilerplate JPA and JAXB code. Start at beginning with db or xsd, what code do I need to write from here to get something working.
    • Building an EntityManager
    • Creating a JAXBContext
    • Create marshaller/unmarshaller
    • Main class to run EM or JAXB code
  • Summary of JAXB tooling related issues
    • With class gen we should always add the input schema to our schema repository when possible, no check box needed.
    • Need facet validation to restrict co-existence of JAXB 2.2 and JRE 1.6. JAXB 2.2 will require Java SE 1.7.
    • MOXy 2.3 does not require JAXB 2.2, 2.1, 2.0.
    • For Indigo, we will keep platforms the same for now, since not much functionality in EL 2.2, 2.3 Dali platforms. In the future we will want to consider opening up the EL platforms for JAXB 2.1 facet selection (making EL 2.2, 2.3 available for JAXB 2.1 facet). The issue is that many users will be on 1.6 for a while. It would be nice to be able to take advantage of new EL functionality that does not require JAXB 2.2/JRE 1.7).

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Shaun will continue to investigate WAB, bundle root changes, etc.
  • OSGi JPA spec support - need to investigate this to see what things we may need to support for OSGi
  • Allow for sync options for the persistence.xml at the project level

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