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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/August 27 2010

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Dali Weekly Meeting



New Topics

  • New JPA Project wizard
    • In worst case scenario, we just wouldn't have the "Add to EAR option"
  • Usability Priorities
    • Validation - still the king
    • Quick Fixes
    • Refactoring
    • Ease of Use enhancements
  • Ad-hoc items
  • QA

Old Topics

  • Should we remove persistence.xml UI support for descriptor customizer property?
    • Yes, and warn when used. Karen will enter a bug for this. Need to make sure these EL validation are configurable.
  • Resource Locator (flexible JPA artifact config): discussion, questions, comments, etc.
    • WAB
      • WAR case - upgrade existing WAR
      • WAB case - artifacts go in bundle meta-inf, edit manifest, etc. Just a regular plugin project.
  • JAXB Platforms: Generic 2.2? and EclipseLink MOXy 2.x
    • Generic is good, question is what to do with version
      • Version 2.2 is OK for now.
    • Perhaps Generic versions should be based only on the facet
  • Demo: Dali refactoring support - Delete refactor
  • JAXB Wizard
    • Front end to new compiler options, controls for prominent features

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Shaun will continue to investigate WAB, bundle root changes, etc.
  • OSGi JPA spec support - need to investigate this to see what things we may need to support for OSGi

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