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Dali Project/Weekly Meeting/April 08 2011

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Dali Weekly Meeting



New Topics

  • Priorities for JAXB work
    • Substitution Groups 336826
    • Usability
      • jaxb.index
      • other

Decision was to focus on Usability for now. It will pay larger dividends than additional functionality.

Old Topics

  • Any validation we might be missing for XmlAnyAtrribute, XmlAnyElement and XmlMixed?
    • Paul mentioned schema based validation
  • XmlTransient
    • Can contact Martin Grebac from Metro team
  • Nail down MOXy platforms to support
    • EL 2.1 wouldn't support JAXB 2.2
    • We need to support 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
  • New functionality
    • JAXB Context
      • Should use root element as a root
    • Icons
    • new mapping support (XmlTransient)
  • Duplicate entity validation
    • Add examples to EclipseLink override page
    • Duplicate entities will cause problems with Dali - we should warn in this case, similar to multiple persistence units. You are on your own at this point, you may receive invalid validation. For Generic, probably should be a Warning saying that this behavior is undefined.

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Shaun will continue to investigate WAB, bundle root changes, etc.
  • OSGi JPA spec support - need to investigate this to see what things we may need to support for OSGi
  • Allow for sync options for the persistence.xml at the project level

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