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Dali Profiling

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CPU Performance

  • Java VisualVM
    • Run jvisualvm.exe found in the bin folder of the JDK (JDK 6 update 7 or greater)

Dali Specific Settings

These are starting points for which classes to profile, it at least narrows things down so that the profiler can finish without using up too much memory or just taking too long. Add more packages to profile as necessary.

check 'Settings' check box:

  • Start profiling from classes:
    • org.eclipse.jpt.**
  • Profile only classes:
    • org.eclipse.jpt.*

Eclipse Platform Settings

check 'Settings' check box:

  • Start profiling from classes:
    • org.eclipse.ui.** (or org.eclipse.e4.**)
  • Profile only classes:
    • org.eclipse.e4.*
    • org.eclipse.ui.*
    • org.eclipse.core.*
    • org.eclipse.jface.*
    • org.eclipse.swt.*

Use Cases

  • Large project - clean project, make persistent action, open, close, persistence.xml synchronize classes, copy many entities into a project.
  • Large java file (many method, many field) - make entity, edit
  • orm.xml with many entities - edit orm.xml, open project, clean project
  • building Entity JPA Details panel

Memory Performance


"No more handles" - a Windows specific problem

  • Sleak -find SWT resource leaks (images, fonts, colors, etc)
  • SWT Detective - Sleak does not help you find USER handles, every single widget created in SWT creates a USER handle. I found this tool very helpful for finding where we create unnecessary widgets thus using up USER handles. You can also add 'USER Objects' to the Windows task manager columns.

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