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Dali Indigo (3.0) Planning Meeting

June 23rd, 2010

Attendees: Neil, Karen, Shaun, Paul, Brian, Tran, Nan


  • Need to prioritize list
  • Possibly look for contributions
  • Missing column validation should be higher priority
  • P2’s, user entered bugs should be considered for higher priority
  • Perhaps there is low hanging fruit that could be picked
  • Need to determine if we are going to do resource level validation at some point
    • Access Type
  • Preferences for EclipseLink validation, extensible?

Planned Indigo features

  • JAXB/MOXY (Paul, Tran, Brian, ...) (50 man weeks)
    • CVS/Build related config (Tran)
  • Top validation / validation improvements (Tran?)
  • Top JDT refactoring participation (Karen, ) (4 week)
  • Top Quick fixes (Tran?)
  • Top usability enhancements
  • EL Mapping file overrides ?
  • Concurrency refactoring (Brian)
  • Utility Facet Removal/Project creation /OSGi/Maven (Paul)
  • Facet Installation (Neil?)
  • ElementCollection (6 weeks) (Karen)
  • Contributing target bundles into JEE package (EclipseLink) (Neil)

Planned Feature Contributions

  • Package level annotations (Brian) [JBoss]
  • Entity Diagram Editor (Neil) [SAP]


  • Branch after July 4th holiday to allow time for more maintenance fixes to go into both streams

Other JAXB discussion

  • CVS restructuring
    • Need to add a jaxb component
    • Do we need a common component?
    • Yes..let’s do that, and put them at the current component level

World Cup