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Dali 3.4 M1 Release

Dali 3.4

Dali 3.4 M1 Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.4 M1 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
190866 Unable to set 'Primary Key Ordering' for orm.xml multi-relationship mapping Create JPA Project, Create JPA entity with some attributes JPA project and entity are created successfully
... ... Add orm.xml mapping file to project orm.xml file is added successfully and opened in editor
... ... Add JPA Entity to the orm.xml mapping file, then add an attribute in the entity as an element collection to the orm.xml mapping file Attribute is added and appears in the JPA details
... ... Expand Ordering section Verify 3 radio buttons appears for None, Custom (which also contains a text field) and Order column (which also contains a Name text field)
... ...

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