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(New page: Dali QA Testing ==Dali 3.0.2 Manual Testing== {| border="4" cellpadding="4" |+ '''Manual Testing for 3.0.2 Release''' |'''Bug No.'''||'''Description'''||'''Test Steps'''||'''Test St...)
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[[Dali QA Testing]]  
[[Dali 3.0]]  
==Dali 3.0.2 Manual Testing==
==Dali 3.0.2 Manual Testing==

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Dali 3.0

Dali 3.0.2 Manual Testing

Manual Testing for 3.0.2 Release
Bug No. Description Test Steps Test Step Results
349533 Generate Entities from Tables, cannot remove cascading of association Create JPA 2.0, Generic 2.0 Project with DB connection Project and Entity are created successfully
... ... R-Click on Project and select New > JPA Entities From Tables Generate Custom Entities dialog appears
... ... Select two tables and click on the Next button Table Associations page appear
... ... Click on New Association (+) button and Add a one-to-one association Association appears in Table associations list
... ... Select the added association, Click on button to Select Cascade, Check persist checkbox and click on OK Persist appears for Cascade field
... ... Click on the Select Cascade button again and remove the checkbox from Persist and click on OK Verify the Cascade field is blank and no errors appear

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