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Dali 1.0 planning

Revision as of 16:16, 25 July 2006 by Neil.hauge.oracle.com (Talk | contribs) (M3 - January 07)


Draft Milestone Plan (Very subject to change, will align with WTP 2.0 Milestones)

M1 - September 06

  • DTP Migration
  • New orm.xml prototype
  • Using Facet Framework (may need to move to M2 based on model rework)

M2 - November 06

  • orm.xml implementation 20%
  • In source annotation auto-completion

M3 - January 07

  • orm.xml support on par with annotation support
  • Quick fixes/text markers (basic support)
  • Complete support for remaining high-priority annotations (adopter requested, high use)
  • All wizards using WTP Wizard Framework that are able to. (Non-JDT UI related wizards)
  • Preliminary API/Extensions
  • Support for features that allow for adoption (public fields, fully qualified annotations, mixed access type, etc)

M4 - March 07

  • Tabbed properties (if technically possible)
  • Merged View of annotations and orm.xml settings (the "what will happen when I run" view)

M5 - May 07

  • persistence.xml editing
  • Basic automap capability
  • Ability to map to binary classes
  • Text based query support with associated model
  • Specialized annotation validation using APT?
  • Provisional API

R1.0 - June 07