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Dali 1.0 planning

Feature enhancement backlog:

  • Finish what we started
    • Support fully-qualified annotations
    • Support Class-level SequenceGenerator and TableGenerator
    • Add ManyToMany problems
    • Enhance "New Entity Wizard"
    • Add 'nullable' and 'length' to Column annotation ('precision'? 'scale'?)
    • Finish Inheritance
    • Finish SecondaryTable
    • Finish JoinColumn
    • Support fully-qualified table names
      • Default schema
      • Multiple schemas per project
      • Explicit 'schema' and 'catalog' elements (Table, TableGenerator, JoinTable, and SecondaryTable)
      • Dotted names (Column, JoinColumn)
    • Support public fields
  • Determine future of "DDL Generation"
  • Enhance "Entity Generation"
    • Add tests
    • Improve relationship management code (add/remove/set)
    • Improve Wizard - add settings configuration
  • Support editing persistence.xml
  • Support editing orm.xml
  • Integrate better with Platform/JDT/WTP/DTP
    • Participate in Java refactoring
    • Use tabbed properties pane
    • Implement Facets
    • Use APT for annotation validation
    • Migrate from RDB to DTP
    • Rename packages (org.eclipse.wst.jpa.*?)
    • Move problems from Build to Validators
  • Support IdClass
  • Support AssociationOverrides
  • Support Queries
  • Support Callbacks
  • Support Lob
  • Support Enumerated
  • Support MapKey
  • Add extension points
    • Implement RI-specific extensions
  • Toggles
    • Make a default specific or vice versa
    • Move all annoations for an entity or entities to orm.xml or vice versa

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