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*[[Dali 1.0M6 Plan]]
*[[Dali 1.0M6 Plan]]
*[[Dali 1.0M7 Plan]]
*[[Dali 1.0M7 Plan]]
*[[Dali 1.0RC1 Plan]]
*[[Dali 1.0RC1 Plan|Dali 1.0 RC Bug Queries]]
==Major Themes==
==Major Themes==

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[edit] Major Themes

  • Ecosystem Integration
    • Platform/JDT/WTP/DTP
  • Extensibility
    • Build in from the bottom and up.
  • Round out JPA support
    • UI support for XML Descriptor (orm.xml)
    • Cover more of the spec
  • Usability - (some items depend on new feature development in the JDT)
    • Better validation, quick fixes, code assist

[edit] Draft Milestone Plan (Aligns with WTP 2.0 Milestones)

[edit] M1 - August 24th 2006

  • No new functionality planned

[edit] M2 - October 6th 2006

  • DTP Migration
  • New orm.xml prototype
  • Using Facet Framework (may need to move to M3 based on model rework)

[edit] M3 - November 17th 2006

  • Integrated with WTP Build

[edit] M4 - December 22nd 2006 (Date change to align with new WTP 2.0 M4 date)

  • Fully integrated with WTP Build
  • Demonstrate simultaneous Java annotation support with orm.xml support

[edit] M5 - Feb 23 2007

  • Defaults processing
  • Basic Validation framework
  • Enhanced Project Creation/Configuration
  • DB access via DTP - Table/Column suggestions in the UI
  • Entity Generation

[edit] M6 - April 6 2007

  • persistence.xml validation
  • Support for more annotations and orm.xml elements
  • Support for features that allow for adoption (public fields, fully qualified annotations)
  • Additional annotation and orm.xml validation
  • Support for Inheritance, SecondaryTable, JoinColumn, and Generators

[edit] M7 - May 18 2007

  • Additional Support for ORM XML
  • Enhance Project Creation
  • Text based query support with associated model
  • Provisional API/Extensions

[edit] R1.0 - June 29 2007