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Quick Fixes

Can you turn off quick assists/quick fixes? Quick fixes for changing the preference error level for all of our problems? Or maybe just important ones?


  • Create or specify connection
  • Connect to DB (Connection is not active)
  • Create a persistence.xml (no persistence.xml file found in project)


  • Validation - Class is mapped but is not included in any persistence unit - applies to java
    • Add class to persistence.xml
    • Unmap class - remove all JPA annotations from the type and all attributes.
  • Create new Entity (Use New Entity wizard) for targetEntity references which cannot be resolved - apply to both java and orm.xml
  • Insert @Table for unresolved default table on an Entity


  • Create the corresponding relationship attribute and mapping (mappedBy that does not resolve)
  • Create the corresponding relationship mapping (mappedBy has invalid mapping type for this relationship)
  • Insert @Column for unresolved default column a basic mapping

Quick Assists

  • Make a Java class an Entity/Embeddable/MappedSuperclass by adding @Entity or adding it to an existing orm.xml file or creating a new one.
  • Create the other side of a bi-directional relationship, attribute included

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