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Dali EJB Object Relational Mapping Project

Welcome to the Dali project wiki home. These pages will be used to document our evolving project plans, and future integration into the WTP.

Milestone Plan

(Subject to change)

Milestone 1 - Iteration 1: Feb 10, 2006 - Complete

Iteration Goals:

  • Support broad array of annotations, including id, basic, and association mappings
  • Support Embeddeds, MappedSuperclass,
  • Integrated DB support via WTP's wst.rdb component
  • DDL Generation (postponed to Milestone 2)
  • Problems support for invalid mappings
  • Compliant with EJB3 Persistence Spec - Proposed Final Draft (with exception of a name change for GeneratorType to GenerationType; this will be fixed in an early M1I2 build)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.1.2, WTP 1.0

Milestone 1 - Iteration 2: March 10, 2006

Iteration Goals:

  • Entity Generation from Tables (Phase 1)
  • DDL Generation from Entities
  • Enhanced Problem reporting

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.1.2, WTP1.0.1

Milestone 2: April 14, 2006

Milestone Goals:

  • Entity Generation from Tables (Phase 2)
  • Management of persistence.xml (Moved to Milestone 3)
  • Support for IdClass, EmbeddedID (Moved to Milestone 3)
  • Support multiple JoinColumns for association mappings (Not implemented for M-M)
  • Online Help, Developer guide (Added)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2M5, WTP1.5M5

===Milestone 3: May 12, 2006 Milestone Goals:

  • persistence.xml
    • Basic template creation when adding Java Persistence to a project
    • Validation of persistence.xml (problems support)
  • Support for Inheritance (single table)
  • Support for Temporal annotation
  • Usability enhancements
  • More Entity Generation enhancements

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC3, WTP1.5RC3

Milestone 4 / RC0: June 4th, 2006 (Feature freeze for 0.5)

  • Support for IdClass, EmbeddedID
  • Support for Inheritance (join table)
  • Better integration with Java refactoring

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC4, WTP1.5RC4

RC1: June 21st, 2006 (Code freeze for 0.5)

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2RC5, WTP1.5RC5

RC2: Release 0.5: June 28, 2006

This build should be available in a WTP download bundle as a technology preview.

Target Compatibility: Eclipse 3.2, WTP1.5

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