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DTP project meeting, November 9, 2011

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  • Linda Chan (Actuate)
  • Brian Payton (IBM)


  • Linda hasn't had time to investigate the non-tagged build yet. It is still on her todo list.
  • Charles Eutsler is ready to start working on DTP again. He needs some help with environment setup with the new Git environment, which Brian will provide
  • Brian hasn't made any progress on providing the newer IBM database definition files
  • Linda asked the Build team to contribute the current 1.9.2 build to the Juno M3 release. (Juno had DTP 1.9.0 up to now.)
  • Should we move to building DTP with JDK 6? There's no hard requirement to move, or to stay on 1.5. We can announce our plan to change in the mailing list and the newsgroup, and move if nobody objects. we will post a notice that we will make the change in Juno M5. (We will continue to build 1.9.2 using JDK 5.)
  • We intend to branch Juno from Indigo for Juno M5 in early January.

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