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DTP Supported Databases

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DTP Supported Databases
Item Description Target Milestone Verification Method Overall Status
Releng Build reproducibility through proper tagging and documented build process should be provided. This includes the execution of unit tests and build RSS feeds. RC Manual
Usability Should follow the User Interface Guidelines. The UI Checklist is a good place to start. Also, should participate in a User Interface Best Practices Working Group UI walkthrough. M4 Manual
Accessibility Should design for accessibility M4 ACTF
Performance Projects should devote at least one milestone to performance and scalability improvements. M7 [1]
Branding Each major project (the top-level projects except for the Tools and Technology projects where it is the sub-projects) should have an About dialog icon and contribute to the welcome page. RC Manual
Localization Should use ICU4J when appropriate. M5 Manual
New & Noteworthy Should have new & noteworthy for each milestone. Should be something readable and usable not just a static list of all the bugs. Corollary: individual new & noteworthy should be linked in to the collective New & Noteworthy. RC Manual