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DTP Source Code Repository

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Migration from CVS to Git

DTP source repository has been on CVS. After the Indigo release (DTP 1.9), the DTP project is planning to migrate our source repository from Eclipse CVS to Git. This is in line with the overall direction of Eclipse projects. We also want to take the opportunity to refine the source organization and clean up obsolete plugins, as part of the migration.

New builds (DTP 1.9.1 and on) will be built from Git. We are not currently doing any nightly build for 1.9.1 [the Indigo SR1 release]. It will resume when the Git migration is completed.

DTP Git Repository Organization

Separate Git repositories will be created for DTP sub-projects. The main guideline used for the repo separation is to group those highly-related projects that are likely maintained by the same set of committers.

Below are the summary list of separate DTP Git repos. See the attached spreadsheet for the proposed directory structure and content in each repo. Note that obsolete or archived plugin projects will not be migrated, and are thus not included in the Git repos.

Separate Git source repos for each sub-project and enablement groupings

  • org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.git
  • org.eclipse.datatools.modelbase.git
  • org.eclipse.datatools.sqltools.git
  • org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.<vendor>.git

            where <vendor> are: hsqldb, ibm, ingres, msft, mysql, oda, oracle, postgresql, sap, sqlite, sybase

  • org.eclipse.datatools.enablement.general.git -- contains non-vendor specific enablement plugin projects
  • org.eclipse.datatools.incubator.git

Each of the above source repositories contains the following sub-folders, if content exists:

  • plugins/  : contains source plugin projects
  • releng/  : contains map file of the source plugin projects
  • tests/  : contains unit test plugins
  • examples/ : exemplary implementation projects

Additional separate Git repos for non-source projects

  • org.eclipse.datatools.doc.git

Resources for getting familiarized with Git

Some EGit/Git documentation

Temporary Test Git Repositories

We have created a few temporary test Git repositories on Note that the directory structures found in these test repos are not the proposed ones. (See the spreadsheet attached above for the proposed directory structures.)

To write (e.g. push) to the DTP test remote repos on github, it will need a password: Actuate2011

Browsing Remote Git Repositories

To browse the content of a remote Git repo, use a web browser with the remote repo URL, e.g.

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