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DTP Smoke Test

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  • This Smoke test is just a simple way to make sure that the basic parts of your DTP installation are working correctly.

Before starting Eclipse

  • Download the latest Apache Derby core plug-in (do a Google search for "Derby 10 Core Plug-in for Eclipse" and you will probably find it)
  • Copy the plug-in into your Eclipse/plugins directory.

DTP Smoke Test

  • Is the Database Development perspective available?
  • Open the Database Development perspective
  • Create a new Derby connection profile
  • Connect to the Derby profile
  • Expand into the profile to verify you can see tables, stored procedures, etc.
  • Find the SYSIBM schema, expand the Stored Procedures node, right-click on a stored procedure and select "Run"
  • The stored procedure should open in an editor window
  • If the Configure Parameters dialog appears, change the default values as necessary and click OK
  • The stored procedure executes, and the output displays in the SQL Results view
  • Open the Resource perspective
  • Create a new "General" project
  • Create a new SQL file (select your Derby connection profile in the drop-down list)
  • In the new SQL file type w/o the quotes: "select * from SYS.SYSTABLES"
  • Right-click in the SQL editor and select "Execute All"
  • The sql statement executes, and the output displays in the SQL Results view